1. Tim Dutton says

    I want to be clear that I agree with the spirit of this post by Mr. Daniel. I have also come to believe that power differentials are fundamental to all community engagement and that the dynamics of that differential is manifest in subtle and not so subtle terms. One of those is language that reveals the assumptions. Mr. Daniel uses the phrase, “…engagement that allows people to interact…” the verb “allow” implies that some body has the capacity or power to offer up permission to participate in a process.

    This may feel like a small difference however, it suggests the very power differentials that separate us.


    • says

      Good point, Tim. Taking that even further, I believe that all people are actually ‘engaged’ but not necessarily engaged in the structured processes that organizations want. People will do and be as they wish. Structured engagement processes can aspire to be open to all the creative ways that people want to interact.

  2. says

    Interesting article Lorne. It gets me thinking in a number of directions. I would really like to see an example of what walking consultations might look like. At times I am not sure whether walking consultations is more of a useful metaphor rather than something more tangible, or perhaps it’s both!

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      It’s both a metaphor and a tangible tool, Alan. Projects, as you know, often involve a physical space and walking consultations are small group walks through the space, with follow-up discussions. Of course they can be integrated with many other consultation processes and methodologies. It’s also true that the mere process of walking shoulder-to-shoulder can change relationships, so even when participants “know” the space well, walking it can bring about a new sense of collaboration. Then, as you say, it’s also a metaphor – or can be done in a virtual way (slide shows, Google Street View explorations, etc.).

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    I really like your ideas and thoughts, Lorne. And, I can see how those walking sessions would nicely extend into the cyber sphere… e.g., capturing (with minimal effort) ideas, conversations images via mobile device, and sharing in a central place – methinks Twitter hashtag… which could then be turned into Storify (for example)…. Lots of potential. :)

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      Yes, lots of potential for virtual / online “walking” and collaborative consultation, Ben. Imagine a webinar with remote participants ‘walking’ through a space (again, Google Street View good for outdoor venues), with ability to discuss, share links, keep a record of the conversation and so on.

  4. says

    What a concept, Lorne! And, I can relate… I attended an online forum last week in which Adobe Connect web-conferencing product (similar to Webex) was used. There were virtual breakout rooms, where we talked plus documented/recorded our thoughts on whiteboard & chat boxes. The breakouts then fed back into the ‘whole’.

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